Our Mission Statement

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Our Mission Statement

ChinaNow’s Mission Statement

ChinaNow aims to meet an important need of our increasingly globalized world – the ability to communicate in Chinese. We provide the tools and expertise for serious learners to achieve that goal.
While English is likely to remain the dominant international language, we believe that Chinese will become the world’s second most important language, and ChinaNow’s mission is to teach Chinese as an international communications tool.
ChinaNow offers both online and offline services, as well as a complete and comprehensive selection of original learning materials. The courses and materials are aimed at teaching Chinese as an international communications tool, and therefore do not stress elements of Chinese culture.

  • ChinaNow disagrees with the widespread view that Chinese is fundamentally a difficult language to learn and works to emphasise the many ways in which Chinese is more logical and easier than, for example, European languages.
  • ChinaNow believes that learning to read Chinese characters is an essential part of learning Chinese to the level of being a useful communications tool.
  • ChinaNow requires a commitment of time and focus from students, and in return is committed to providing them with the most efficient means of acquiring Chinese as a language tool.
  • ChinaNow is aimed at all people around the world who are serious about learning Chinese, from school and college students and young professionals through to co-operation with companies and school systems.

ChinaNow’s Courses and Materials

  • ChinaNow provides the full range of tools for language tuition, including classes, textbooks, apps, video, audio and other exclusive supplementary materials.
  • ChinaNow’s courses and materials are designed to teach the Chinese language efficiently to non-native speakers, and are prepared by a team of both Chinese and non-Chinese mother-tongue professionals fluent in Chinese.
  • ChinaNow’s teaching materials are all created in-house with a high level of detail comparable to the most rigorous academic courses, while also being clear and accessible to students.
  • ChinaNow uses professional Chinese mother-tongue speakers as teachers but all materials are created and overseen by an international team of non-native Chinese speakers.

Graham Earnshaw
CEO ChinaNow
June 2020

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