Pass HSK With ChinaNow

ChinaNow provides all the instruction necessary to pass each of the HSK levels. HSK stand for hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì (汉语水平考试), which literally translates as “Chinese level test.” It is the series of tests developed and recognized by the Chinese government to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. There are six levels to the HSK test, from beginner to advanced.

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The HSK tests cover writing, listening and reading skills. HSK is a standard now used internationally to assess Chinese language skills and is used by universities as proof of Chinese proficiency of non-native students applying for courses. Students can take the HSK test at test centers across China and the world.

  • Bachelor degree programs usually require HSK level 4
  • Master degree programs usually require HSK level 5

There are many other standards and tests and of course the ultimate test is the ability to understand and be understood in real world situations – and that’s where ChinaNow excels.

For each HSK level, students should know a certain number of words and characters:

ChinaNow course HSK level Words Characters
New Cumulative New Cumulative
Beginner I, II, III 1 150 150 174 174
2 150 300 173 347
3 300 600 270 617
Intermediate I, II 4 600 1200 447 1064
Advanced I 5 1300 2500 621 1685
Advanced II 6 2500 5000 978 2663


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