Our Team

ChinaNow is made up of Chinese and international professionals with decades of experience between them, who are dedicated to providing the highest quality language learning experience. Our teachers include top industry professionals from some of the most renowned universities in China, including Nanjing University (Nanjing) and Jiaotong University (Shanghai).

Graham Earnshaw


British CEO Graham Earnshaw is passionate about China, and sharing Chinese language and culture with the English-speaking world. Having lived in China for nearly 50 years, he is fluent in Chinese and committed to dispelling the myth that Chinese is “too hard” for non-native speakers to learn.

Connie Holmes


Connie studied an intensive one-year Chinese language course at Hubei University in Wuhan, before moving to Shanghai in 2017 to complete her Masters degree at Fudan University. Having lived, studied and worked in China, she is excited about helping other internationals take advantage of all the opportunities that China has to offer.

Spencer Tilghman

Director of Content

Born and raised in the United States, Spencer is a graduate of Columbia University. He has lived and worked in New York City as well as Shanghai, and is committed to expanding cross-cultural understandings and goodwill by reducing the barriers of language worldwide.

Lewis Vint

Director of Lesson Development

Lewis holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese from the University of Queensland and has experience working in both Brisbane and Beijing. He is passionate about learning Chinese and believes that with the right attitude and motivation, anyone can become proficient in Chinese.

Steve Schechter

Technical Director 

Steve is an experienced technical manager specialized in Cloud Operations Management, with wide experience in handling online services and data. 

Qunyi Zhao

Course Developer

Qunyi is a native Mandarin speaker who was born and raised in Wuxi, China. As an undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University, she is passionate about  the role of intercultural communication in bringing global audiences together.

Julia Hung

Social Media Manager

Julia has lived in China for most of her life and is currently an undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University. A firm believer in doing things for a good cause, Julia is passionate about the role of social media in bringing people together and education in helping people to achieve their goals.

Mable-Ann Chang

Teacher Coordinator

Mable-Ann is from a Chinese cultural background and is fluent in both Mandarin and English. She has lived in China for several years and is passionate about helping to connect people from different cultures, with learning a foreign language often being the first step in forming truly meaningful connections.

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